Annoying hotel fees

Hotels To See $2.25 Billion in Fees

Business Insider reports that U.S. hotels are on track to collect $2.25 billion in fees/charges in addition to room rental rates. New fees being seen include:

– Stored luggage fee for guests arriving before their room is ready or leaving luggage after check-out but before heading to the airport

– Early check-in fee if a room is ready but you’d like to occupy it before the hotel’s published check-in time

– Inflated prices for mini-bar food/beverages PLUS a “re-stocking” fee to replace the expensive items you consumed

– A fee to place your own items in the room’s mini bar

– Airline boarding pass printer in the hotel lobby – with a fee

How about your experience? Been “fee-ed” recently?

Let’s jet!

Leavin’, on a jet plane…

For 2013, the Rochester (MN) International Airport recorded 110,104 airline passenger boardings, up 4.49% from 2012.

By comparison:
Duluth (MN): 155,455 passengers boarded, down 1.96%
Wausau (WI): 123,797 passengers boarded, up 2.78%
LaCrosse (WI): 90,297 passengers boarded, down 7.22%

Let’s see how Delta Air Lines’ new nonstop routes from Rochester to both Detroit and Atlanta that began today impact the 2014 results!


Turkish cotton towels

Abound Hospitality provides visitors with rich Turkish cotton towels by Chaps/Ralph Lauren… but what’s so special about Turkish cotton?

Turns out that Turkish cotton has several properties that make it ideal for big, thick towels:

1. Long fiber property means narrower diameter fibers permitting more threads per square inch.

2. Turkish cotton is some of the softest cotton grown anywhere.

3. The absorbency characteristics of Turkish cotton give an ideal balance between holding a lot of moisture and drying quickly once wet.


Guest Review of Uptown Oaks House!

5 of 5 STARS!
This home was better than we expected very well decorated and super clean. Tim provided every thing you might need. The location was perfect if your going to any of mayo’s facility’s.we would recommend this beautiful home to anyone.
Submitted: Sep 15, 2014 Stayed: Sep 2014 Source: HomeAway